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The city library of Vyborg is among the brightest architectural monuments of style a functionalism in our country. This unique building in Russia, constructed under the project of world famous Finnish architect Alvara Aalto.
In the XX-th century beginning in Vyborg public and educational libraries operated some. However for quickly growing city of it was not enough. Money for building of new library have appeared only in 1923. On their these purposes the widow of businessman Juhi Lalluka Maria bequeathed to a city.
Competition of projects has taken place four years later. The young architect has taken part In it from Helsinki Alvar Aalto then still. In its work lines of new rational architecture in which all - from the common decision to details of furnish of an interior - is subordinated to idea of convenience of the user were showed. The project of Aalto has been recognised the best.
The site under building has been chosen exclusively successfully. The library has settled down in the city centre, two steps away from a main square, but from city noise it was protected reliably by green walls of park.
Under the project, the uniform case of a building has been divided into two volumes of different height and extent. All departments of library are integrally connected and conveniently informed among themselves. For a reading room of Aalto has developed illumination system through the round light lanterns placed in a ceiling of a building. Natural light does not irritate an eye and almost does not give a shade. The special constructive decision of a ceiling of a lecture hall has considerably raised acoustic properties and has created internal dynamics of a premise. Under sketches of Aalto the furniture has been made of plywood, door handles and some details of an interior.
Library opening has taken place in 1935. This new construction of Vyborg has very soon received world popularity and has brought Aalto glory of the best architect of Finland.

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